It seems as if the ones complaining on this site are the ones who either 1) have something to hide, or 2) are not being truthful and don't like the fact that they have been caught in a lie. 05/19/2013. General Member of the Public Their mission is to protect the dogs at all cost. Then as I got more attached to the dogs and saw how people have treated the ones that were there, I started coming more often. Client Served I have been so impressed with the amazing care they give these dogs that I became a volunteer to help in some small way. This was the worst interaction I have had with any organization or business EVER! x We have sent the breeder a Although I am really just a young lady, my hectic young life so far makes me look much older in my intake picture! Add Another. Being a nonprofit I would think that they would be overly concerned with their public image, but instead they have no common decency. 5. It is because of organizations and people like you that make me question the inherent good and kindness in people. However, in these exchanges, the organizations representatives have shown a complete lack of regard for the impact of their words or even their tone of speaking towards another human being. The rescue brings them back to good health, assesses their temperament, and goes to great lengths to match a dog with new owners desires and abilities to deal with and love a dog who has never known a nice human being. They made sure that my family understood the challenges and responsibilities of adopting a giant breed dog (we had never owned a Great Dane before), and they matched us up with the dog that was the best fit for our family (rather than the one that we thought looked the cutest on the website :) ). After speaking with others regarding our experience we heard many similar stories of being denied and feeling that they were dealt with poorly. Click here for our My vet's employees are also very good to answer questions and give a thorough reference--no one needs to talk to the vet with the girls doing such a good job. I never received an apology, but soon found out that the individual that spoke rudely to me had resigned days after our interaction. These people made a commitment to the animals to keep their best intrest at heart, well they did not. Great dane puppies for sale. At first I questioned some of their requirements, but soon learned that it was in the best interest of the dog and the adopter to make sure that the placement would be permanent. The volunteers represent the organization, and by not acknowledging or apologizing to those the volunteer offended, I can only assume that the organization supports the disrespectful and offensive treatment the potential adopters/donors received. I used to have a rescue myself and I have dealt with Harlequin Haven for over 15 yrs. Let's continue working together on this work we both seem to feel is meaningful and important. 09/16/2013. Give Now They both still play like pups with their balls and love taking walks with me. beenthere The welfare and safety of the Great Danes and other dogs is our main concern. Open By Appointment Only . 12 Followers•1 Following. It has got to be very time consuming and frustrating, to say the least, for an all-volunteer organization to screen these applications. Luckybones9 These dogs need forever homes who will be there for them until their final day! I love and support the work they do (all are volunteers)! 07/21/2013. Our programs are designed to further our mission and to help as many Danes in need as possible. Client Served These volunteers take Danes that are sometimes in horrible condition and they nurse them back to health. I am sorry we do NOT adopt out of our area, if you are unsure if I have done awareness events to advocate for this regal breed and life altering rescue as a volunteer. xx them while in rescue or ignored our letters/emails. Client Served Please research any organization before you adopt, volunteer or donate to ensure that the integrity of the mission is aligned with your own. their response was, and I quote "Please feel free to blame your poor deceased mother apparently there was no love lost and us for caring about our Danes. Professional with expertise in this field No kill animal shelter saving/placing abused, abandoned &. > Animals 03/25/2013. Client Served That being said, even after the organization was notified and given proof of the unacceptable and offensive interaction between the volunteer and supporter, no efforts were made to rectify the situation. After my negative experience I demanded an apology from the organization for comments made to me. Nearly 10 years later, we've just adopted our third Great Dane from the rescue, and would not go anywhere else! Facebook Apparently too tough to let ANY dog go. This was my first experience with the breed, and they were very supportive of me when I had questions. Under the terms I understood they would be contacting my veterinarian, any references listed, etc. We want them placed well and to fit in, be loved and cared for, and NOT be returned to the rescue. Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue is a NO KILL shelter located in Ohio dedicated to saving and placing abused, abandoned, and neglected Great Danes in suitable, loving, and forever homes in Ohio and extreme Northern Kentucky. There has to be a good reason to deny an application. Click here for our >> Adoption Procedures. Rescue Me! ***** We have dealt with this breeder in Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue - 453 Followers, 22 Following, 363 pins | Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue is a volunteer-run 501(c)3 no kill shelter saving & placing Great Danes in forever homes in Ohio, extreme N Ky & E Indiana. I have seen Danes come into Harlequin Haven that have been severely abused and neglected, and then I watched them heal mentally and physically through all the love and help of the volunteers as they are adopted into loving homes. We have always adopted through Rescues, and this is the first organization that I’ve ever dealt with that went to great lengths to assure the right animal went to the right home. Our senior Dane is almost 12 and we have a 3 year old. There has NEVER been a time when I haven't been able to reach out to her with an issue that she hasn't not responded with wisdom, encouragement or help. One of my friends put in an application for adoption and had a very negative experience. This is a great oganization, they commit their time and energy to the care and well being of animals in their care, thats the bottom line not your feelings! ngodshands97 Change Country; All States; Change Breed. *x* Breeder responded, but 09/18/2013. I wrote back asking KINDLY how they could decline us for issues that we were not tied to, not by vet records, not by my references, etc. Look at it like this....if someone came to you and wanted to have one of your children but lied about the care provided to their other kids, would you likely respond in a friendly manner? Great Danes in foster care live in foster homes, not a shelter. After adoption, adopters are not left on their own. nemarconet Just think before you speak and act. I answered them as honestly as I could, that my now deceased mother had taken care of all of this, but as soon as I found out otherwise I updated the only vaccination mentioned by our trusted veterinarian. Open By Appointment Only . And then there's "Bret"..... good ole "Bret" who seemed to be having a bad day and lost every ounce of tact, consideration, professionalism, or even humanness. Florida Great Dane Rescue. They are excellent in supporting the dogs and adopters. Thank you Harlequin Haven! ** We have been I will always have Danes and will always go to hhgdr. We never even spoke. """" they have been very kind and generous in supporting my dogs and educating me on the issues of having a rescued giant breed dog. StandingforTRUTH 07/22/2013. As an adopter I have filled out lengthy paperwork. All images and text on this site Copyright © 1998-2021 Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue, Inc. unless otherwise credited. in your area. Later that evening I received a rejection email saying we were declined because of previous records from our family vet, by which had my deceased mothers name on every single file, further proof that my mother tool care of all vet visits and issues. They are a strict rescue when it comes to adoption which upsets many but I have seen many people that were turned down for adoption come back a year or 2 later to dump their Dane and they admit that HHGDR was right, that they could not afford to care for a Dane or a Dane just was not for them. The rescue tries its best to see that that doesn't continue in a new home. Volunteer It took 6months of constant care for him to be healthy and happy again.The other dane to this day has yet to be recovered. Before I was a volunteer I was an adopter and have since adopted a total of four dogs over the last few years. I began volunteering several years ago after purchasing 2 great dane pups and then realizing that rescue is the only way to go. I would adopt from them again in a second if I lived within their adoption area (my family moved out of state a few years ago). I now drive the2 hours one way, three times a month plus I do events in Columbus. Which is very sad because Danes deserve better lives than being in cages most of their day and only being let out to run around once or twice a day. 07/21/2013. Given that Great Dane puppies typically weight 1-2 pounds and are well over a 100 pounds as adults, that’s a lot of growth to account for and should come as no surprise that the spots change. That is sad and then only for a rabies vaccination and yet she also was behind on her heartworm test, had not had heartworm preventative since 2007 as well as was behind on her DHLPP. This is rude, appauling, and above all disgusting behavior coming from an organization. My family has adopted two Danes from HHGDR. On 2/19/13 I filled out an application for a Great Dane named Xannon at Harlequin Haven. Virtually every animal that comes into the rescue is in an unbelievable condition. 09/17/2013. Companion, Security, Show, and Therapy Great Danes. Our adoption area is I would like to express my gratitude to the wonderful people of HH Dane rescue who made it possible to be blessed by these wonderful additions to my family. Client Served Such a shame, after all, it is a good mission worth supporting, just not through this organization. HHGDR takes in Danes that most rescues would turn away yet they open their hearts to all they can. The one most troubling was a K9 repo that I was apart of. HHGDR is a rescue to be respected and admired. 03/01/2013. These dogs have already had a terrible life. My sister and father applied together for a dog. My sister sent the following regarding the form email denial that she received from them….. """How is it that we are declined for not having proper veterinary care when we were not the primary caretakers? I adopted a Great Dane from Harlequin Haven in 2005, and I have to say it was a great experience. Client Served See more ideas about harlequin great danes, great dane, dane. I adopted from Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue in 2012 and was so thrilled with the great knowledge of the breed and the care taken of the dogs in their rescue. 09/19/2013. As a result, each dog we've adopted brings with her/him some of that love, and we consider ourselves blessed! The goal is to find a safe, forever home where the Dane will be well cared for, loved, and welcomed into the family. The volunteers worked with me to make sure the Danes I adopted would be a good fit and are always available if I have any questions about health or training concerns. Yes, that's right, I adopt my Danes, but not from Harlequin Haven. I have donated and volunteered for dozens of animal rescues and organizations, both local and nationwide, and unfortunately Harlequin Haven will not be one that I can, in good conscience, recommend or support in the future. When you let your hubris and self-importance dictate your actions, though, perhaps it is time to step back and evaluate if the way you treat others is the way you would like to be treated. Client Served required to adopt a dog! The organization and its affiliates are the voice for the Great Danes in their care. We adopted 2 Danes from HHGDR and were very impressed with the care and attention taken at every step of the process. I have adopted four danes over the last 6 1/2 years and in tis time i became a volunteer to which I have had many great expirences and a few not so nice ones that will forever be etched in my memory. luvmydanes from breeder. 11567 St. Rt. To work with animal shelters and humane societies to protect Great Danes. Client Served From the beginning, our friends, family and veterinarians were impressed by the thoroughness of the adoption process. 774 Bethel, Ohio 45106. Great Dane Breeder: Sam Rose. I am presently in the process of adopting my 5th one from them as my senior Dane (9) has bone cancer. Animal Services, Info & Events. If the Dog is listed it is still They have a few "special" adopters that get to adopt but they are few and far between and that's why the Danes just don't get out of there. seidman That is sad and then only for a rabies vaccination and yet she also was behind on her heartworm test, had not had heartworm preventative since 2007 as well as was behind on her DHLPP." Help the dogs with a tax-deductible donation today---Vanna Mae. The adoption rules are stringent but necessary. I had such a good experience that I adopted my second Dane a month later. 11567 St. Rt. To locate life-long homes for the homeless Great Danes and any other animal in our care. Even as recently as this year my own daughter (26) was denied placement from this organization as it was felt that it would not be in the best interest of the dog. However we would like for you to come visit and see our establishment so that we can build a relationship for possible adoptions/referrals down the road. The relationship does not end when they hand the dog over either, they are always there to offer support and advice for the continued care of these wonderful giants. letter and are awaiting their response. I have nothing but the highest praise and respect for this rescue. runs with her mantle mom in their yard in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Flag review, riverdanes With their help, we were able to enjoy many wonderful years with our Great Dane. I told her that they are just doing their due diligence to ensure their dogs are given to good homes and not to worry. "Bret" Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue Mozart Says NO to Puppy Mills & Petland ______________________________________________________________________________ We interacted with at least three people - one verbally ("Katy") who's tone and comments seemed extremely interrogative and judgmental - put me on the defensive right away. area must attach or surround the area where the dog will be housed and Dale Allen I have adopted 8 dogs through HHGDR and am amazed at the care and attention given to the animals there. I adopted my first Dane from this organization in 2008. Our experience with Harlequin Haven was just wonderful and we have so enjoyed each of our Danes we have been given the privilege to share our lives with. All text and photos are copyrighted by Great Dane Rescue, Inc. Special thanks to Ginnie Saunders for her photo. Their pups may be treated well but not well enough for me to deal with them or to recommend them, and that is a sad sad thing for me to say. Avoid them at all costs. 774 I've had 5 Dane companions in my that time 3....all three living to above the expected age of a Dane; 9, 13, and 12. I have read some of the negative reviews, and have come to the conclusion that they are the result of "sour grapes." I adopted my first Great Dane from HHGDR in 1994. 774 Bethel, Ohio 45106. We are forever grateful for the wonderful dogs and Harlequin Haven for enriching our lives. I've seen dogs returned and it is absolutely heartbreaking. 07/21/2013. Back around 2000 Harlequin Haven was recommended to me by a reputable show breeder as good Rescue and place to find a Dane. Admittedly, we all have bad days. There are several breeds out there but no matter what they are, you should know that there are also many breeders that are very good at what they do. ****** Rescue felt it was in the To promote humane principles, to protect homeless, abandoned, and mistreated Great Danes, and other animals as space allows. I have been looking for the perfect words to articulate my disgust with the lack of humanity I have witnessed. The folks at Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue are great. We need supporters to continue doing the work we believe in and feel that personal interaction is the best way to judge a prospective family when the black and white vet records leave us to question a fit at the present time. See more ideas about Harlequin great danes, Dane, Dane dog. Client Served Client Served HHGDR have the most thorough application process of all the rescues/shelters we looked at, which clearly shows their level of commitment to finding the right forever home for their dogs. ******* Wow! Help the dogs with a tax-deductible donation today---Wanda . Yes, this Rescue is very thorough with their adoption procedures, but nothing out of the ordinary that isn’t a “given” with any good animal lover. Email 11567 St. Rt. Use of any image or text without written permission is expressly forbidden. Regarding the staff I cannot say I have experienced any of the issues mentioned in previous reviews. Our mission is to help with the re-homing of displaced Great Danes and providing ongoing education regarding responsible Dane ownership and care. wouldloveadane Over 1.8 million nonprofits and charities for donors, volunteers and funders, Ohio > Bethel The rescue is there for them 24/7 to help the Dane and the new family if problems arise. What a wonderful world we live in when people can treat us poorly and if we think it is wrong we have to ASK for an apology. So for those who feel they need an apology for rudeness, get over yourself. The MOST unprofessional company I have ever come into contact with. General Member of the Public Professional with expertise in this field They matched us perfectly with the right dog each time for our household/life. It would be very easy for a rescue organization to let a dog go to just any home. Support us every time you shop. Rose Great … dog auction. Application, A must to read I followed that advice and checked out their website--they had been a registered nonprofit since 1998--and successfully adopted from there. I started volunteering on grooming days. hhdane-adopter 07/21/2013. Open By Appointment Only . Client Served Not only did the applicant/supporter not receive an apology, the offensive interaction was never even acknowledged by the organization. I'm sure many of the applications that they run across are laughable. best interest of the dog not to contact breeder, puppies were sold at a Out of my first two that I adopted, the owner even took one that had HOD back to her place, nursed it back to health with medications, etc and never even charged me. There has not been a time that the advice the owner has offered has been incorrect, she's always been right. Jul 6, 2016 - Explore Kathleen Kreutzer's board "Blue Harlequin Great Danes" on Pinterest. I have always had very considerate people to work with on my adoptions and they are always willing to answer any question that come up. For those who were disappointed in not being approved, there are other rescues and local humane societies. exit into the fenced area. I believe that had they actually spoken to the doctor they would have found out about the longstanding relationship the family had with the doctor (also a neighbor) as well as the character of my father & sister (the prospective adopters.) WhitneyT It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. He has beautiful gold eyes, as well as a pink and black nose. The rescue takes personal responsibility for these animals and seeks to place them in forever-homes that have proven that they will act in the best interest of the dog. No dog is adopted without a temperament and health check. Even when a volunteer applies for a dog, they still do a home inspection (very thorough), vet references, etc. I have adopted from, volunteered, served on the board, and donated to Harlequin Haven. We first adopted from Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue in 2004. SWEETHEART the Harlequin Great Dane. Client Served OSU_PetDoc Maybe down the road we will have an opportunity to re-evaluate an adoption.......” That’s just my stab at an appropriate/human/kind/acceptable response and thinking as a prospective donor it’s a response that would keep me on board and interested in working with them. 11567 St. Rt. For someone in a rescue organization to speak of my deceased mother and make assumptions is absurd. dog directly from breeder or has received dogs in the past directly Client Served I have been on both sides of the fence when it comes to placing a dane in a family as a board member. I understand the organization wants to do what is best for the dog and after reviewing the vet records (but not speaking with the applicants) they did not feel the situation was appropriate for their dog. Mission: To educate people about spay/neuter and the need for sterilization of all pets, proper health care of a pet, and nutritional requirements. Our great experience with Harlequin Haven didn't stop with adoption. These dogs deserve the best. I cannot recommend Harlequin Haven enough for people who are conscientious pet owners. I do understand it would be upsetting to be denied, but we are only doing what we think is best for the dog. If you are not qualified as I was or the neary 1,900 ther adopters look for another rescue group with less rules and stipulations! As a volunteer for Harlequin Haven, I’ve been impressed with the high quality care the dogs receive at the rescue. They deserve a FAMILY that loves them, not caretakers. Dogs that have been abused, starved, beaten are given personal, loving care and brought back to good health ready to be adopted. Since then I have adopted several Danes and 1 mix from Harlequin Haven. **** Rescue felt it was in the 02/20/2013. Danelove 04/19/2014. But since your mother died March 10, 2012 and at that time you and your father became primary care takers of Coco and according to your sister Coco had a heart condition and a tumor on her leg yet did not see the vet till November 24, 2012. Terrible organization and the money I planned on donating will now be going to a rescue with not only animal skills, but people skills as well. Unfortunately there's another bad experience with HHGDR. And if you really 'love' dogs, it won't make any difference what breed it is. Adoption Procedures and Breeder is a USDA licensed breeder, who sells to pet stores and/or 03/25/2013. In my opinion, even though this is a worthy cause, I cannot recommend or support this organization after the disrespectful treatment we received - not when there are so many other similar organizations out there who treat animals beautifully and people humanly.... Teeneey12 I highly recommend this rescue!