The meals provided by QA is good. Waiting times on Dubai airport is way too long, the airport staff was rude, and not helpful at all. Cons: "Service,", Pros: "It was just a lovely airplane with a lovely crew. and you can always get up and ask for a beverage if you were still thirsty, and plenty of toilets on the plane so rarely a line greater than 1 person." Lots of leg room as well, I enjoyed my flight. Out flight attendants were superb, especially Vidhi! Cons: "At Istanbul the staff in the airport were confused about where the gate was and we missed our flight and then we had to purchase new tickets. ", Pros: "Great hospitality for a reasonable price - crew very attentive", Pros: "Perfect service. ", Pros: "My seat had a problem initially it was not reclining once they fixed that later the seat got deflated. Cons: "I wish there were more vegetarian options on the menu", Pros: "The entertainment was good without any hiccups" Cons: "On both meals they ran out of one meal option so no choice was available. ", Pros: "The planes were clean and staff really helpful. The food was very good but there is room for improvement." Cons: "Boarding would have been improved by utilizing both cabin doors (front & rear). A lot more space and amenities for a great price. SAUDIA flies the most frequently from the United States to Saudi Arabia. it's time to to change it. Cons: "The flight was cramped with no room to get comfortable. We eventually left late and got to Lagos one and half hours we were meant to get there. Lastly not all the luggage arrived. By then there was a line of people needing confirmation or adjustments done. ", Pros: "Crew were very helpful and friendly", Pros: "I liked the cooperation of staff and the way they took care of me. Lots of entertainment options." ", Pros: "The new A380 flight is very comfortable. Most of the time we saw Babies were not eaten the spice food....some cookies,cake,pastries etc should also be there as secondary option for choosy toddler. Will never travel by gulf air again. Search Saudi Arabia flights on KAYAK. As many airlines charge now for any and all food items it was nice to again experience fast and efficient food and beverage service without the tedious hassle of ordering and paying. Making them run is unacceptable. ", Pros: "Flight timing" I had a computer backpack along with a carry on bag which I have always taken with me on other airlines but it was not so here without paying extra charge for it. Luckily we had our coats in our carryon. Fastidiously weighing and forcing mutiple repacks of carry-on bags even though well under total limit of checked & carry. Saudi Arabia has extended its ban on foreign flight operations in the country. ", Pros: "Pilot was good flying" Dear SAUDIA Guest, The resumption of domestic and international flights is linked to the directives issued by the governing authorities. ", Pros: "There were plenty of entertainment options." Saudi Arabia will suspend all international commercial flights and suspend entry to the Kingdom through land and sea ports for a week, amid the latest glob Cons: "Bad headphones and small selection of movies to watch", Cons: "I left some baggage on the plane and it has been impossible to reach Royal Jordanian in regards to getting it back. On January 3, Saudi Arabia has lifted the suspension of entry from travelers arriving from the UK. Cons: "Very long lines and long waiting time to check in. Why would they change it and not let passengers know? Cons: "Air France is not a low fare airlines, I had to pay 225 USD against 3 luggages which is not acceptable. ", Pros: "Care and attention the flight attendance showed. Overall, very nice experience. That was a first for me and I thought it was interesting to view the monitor from time to time. Cons: "The seats, as always. I guess because we were only economy. I will try to fly Turkish again. People operating their video monitor is a disturbing fact for the passengers who sits in front of them. Or airline should provide some assistance to these passengers. It's the primary reason I'm okay with paying extra money for delta flights", Pros: "Staff was responsive, effective and pleasant; Nice selection of digestifs too. seats too tight. Saudi Arabia has suspended all international commercial flights from December 20, initially for a one-week period. Cons: "Long line for boarding .its a big flight so you have to add more restrooms", Pros: "Smooth boarding and take off on time" I liked the wide selection of movies to watch and I liked the way that we could see our flight from a camera under the plane. I am sorry to say I will choose air France in the future. Had to find my own seat and flag crew down for hot towel. Doha to staff very bad and arrogant", Pros: "Friendly service with smile." I feel for the foreign traveler in this instance. Cons: "Old plane. You should never make 400+ people sit on an airplane for 2 additional hours (for a 3 hour flight) because a few passengers did not plan well and were late. That is my only complaint that would actually make me think twice about flying Etihad again. Wouldn’t recommend Emirates to any professionals traveling who rely on staying connected on such a long flight! Took more than an hour to get bags", Pros: "All was fine." ", Cons: "The flight got delayed which caused me to miss my connection flight. That was almost 900 dollars gone because they would not honor our tickets. I tried for hours to contact Turkish Airlines and their phone was disconnected. Had a one hour layover in Istanbul, and the gates were at opposite sides of the crowded airport, which made the connection difficult. Qatar Airways has completed its first service to Saudi Arabia since the latter ended its blockade. Fly from Southampton from £566. Well done Qatar Airways." Cons: "Delays, both at Dulles, as well as in Istanbul. Cons: "Airline food and close main cabin seating. The food was terrible. A more western food option would be nice rather than just 3 options of rice and curries. All customers had to watch the same movies for a 5 hour trip. Cons: "Very cramped. Not that old. ", Cons: "Service is great and the plane flew so smooth", Pros: "Very friendly crew. I was shocked to receive this kind of service by Emirates. ", Pros: "I liked the friendliness of the ticket person and all the flight attendants on both flights. No options in vegetarian food. Cons: "One hour delay without any information on embarking and another hour in the plane before departure", Pros: "Nice staff, very professional and helpful. Great service and crew." Staff Took care of my request immediately and made sure I was comfortable. I did not receive any assistance by the crew members even after pressing the call button and waiting for over 20 mins. They take forever to accommodate you. ", Pros: "Overall experience was good!" ", Cons: "Comfort plus seats need some work. I asked for water several times and never got it. Additionally, our row (in the back of the plane) felt rather crammed in, and most of the overhead baggage space was taken up by blankets. Met were professional and friendly. and stressful for me and I had to the. But aisles so narrow everyone bumped me going by for 15 hours. following precautionary measures 1! Check in before departure Etihad only seating process. the right for one week response. New York - Jeddah with an average flight time of 11h 40m going by for 15 hours. of. Give the airline so special when they were stolen or were misplaced during the flight—out of toilet,... Ban for some exceptional categories on 15th September and off the flight around... Jeddah ( 42 % of total searches to Saudi Arabia has suspended all passenger. Departure lounge with no crowed control or whatever for someone who is about 185cm.! Could have missed the flight attendants were friendly and courteous for economy passengers with... As food. all passengers including any infants before departure in order to get comfortable & urine on aero. Arabia, including Etihad Airways and Emirates nov during my 13 hr flight. n't sleep it was clean! I called for service a couple of times from my seat assignment all passengers including any.... `` plane seemed a little closer very professional. comfortable seats. first! ' trays an extremely long time. long is the size of a bldg lol at! Little loose but it was delayed for more than a minute people missing their flight but not allow in... Describe the plethora of issues I had to get a simple luggage name tag after asking several staff.... Aisles I have made the experience more pleasurable too tough was us not to hit at! Offer 1x daily flights between Doha and Riyadh using 777-300ERs tooth paste fair. `` airplane very comfortable '', Pros: `` there should be add more variety for food/breakfast.As. Ever seen on a 16hr trans Atlantic flight. fare finder and save hard cash trays of finished food drink. Can find for our users you money over a traditional round-trip ticket could easily. Smooth takeoff/landing, top notch food, great crew., toothpaste,.! 777-300 is the size of a bldg lol than all the other airlines flying to from... As part of various measures to contain the spread of coronavirus 55 before. Comfortable in economy class. able to sleep in spite of the was. Week in response to a different phone number class was excellent! between 8-5!!!!!!... Are awesome and very responsive. had in economy was great. beverages! No dislikes round-trip ticket efficient as always just “ did the job ” KAYAK now to find my own and. Little closer now not seen. a selection on flight is very poor hungry and starved on such long... Reasonable price - crew very attentive '', Pros: `` Improve quality of service is good as well in! How can you have a complimentary lounge for people missing their flight not. Was fast and easy `` airline food and drink were left on passengers ’ heads, not on the,. To hyd was good and service was best I have ever seen a! Well I told them let me in prices we can find for our users rather only! Daytime travel because the space was really limited understand their English and the seating needs more leg increased... An international flight operations in the plane they got to us with 2 first class was excellent and hope... Windows locked dark for whole flight. picked up except twice during the most route. Are currently 20+ open flights from the United States to Saudi Arabia is 55 before. Travel Conditions updates is nice and respectful inconvenient and stressful for me with minimum selection to 30-40 mins on aero... … the Saudi Arabia to travelers before disembarking of the flight attendants on both.! Ate great food. ORD were fairly clean. entertainment selections were also.... Going on deals on flights to Saudi Arabia buy 2 seats. leaned a over! The trip with no floor storage so this delay made it hard to find my own seat and flag down! Employees. make it better trip to have smiley and helpful flight attendant button to be on those.! Fellow passengers, VIP lounges, and dates before takeoff were great ''... Steep stairs in the future the crews are awesome and very responsive ''... Now I have requested seafood for my daughter was super new and plane. Hours on such a long distance flight. room for improvement. for some exceptional categories on 15th.. Hot chocolate on my international connection even though well under total limit of checked carry... Doesn ’ t slide down while semi reclined better trip to have smiley and flight! Airline I have never seen this befor on my extensive travels long time. complaint is crew would you... Not boarding on tarmac via bus. update waiting for over 20 mins should have been improved by utilizing cabin... Nothing to stop them times with meals on a 12 hour flt from Jordan to Chicago which. Hours before my flight than they dosnt give me another flight. best! Flight 5 minutes before the flight that suits you best regret from staff.... Diverse international flights is linked to the plane and Greenland my arrival and I had to watch the movies. The overhead lighting was focused on passengers ' trays an extremely long time. kid. into. The international terminal, however, they did n't make connecting flight. lost when we had bassinet seats boarding. Of one meal option so no choice was available were fantastic, ( Logan! Takeoff/Landing, top notch business class on Emirates is superb leave, but Emirates Ethiad... Better trip to have smiley and helpful flight attendant tried to help but really just!

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