Measure L: Neutral Oceanside: North River Farms Project Only voters in City of Oceanside – A Yes vote on Measure L would approve a development project previously approved by the Oceanside City Council for the North River Farms project with 585 homes and a 24.9 acre commercial village. A YES vote on Measure L preserves Oceanside’s farmland, grows fresh produce for Oceanside residents, and creates an education center for children to learn about farming. MEASURE P - CITY OF POWAY The Farm In Poway Specific Plan. 19-OR0729-1, rezoning approximately 176.6 acres in northeastern Oceanside to implement the North River Farms project, be adopted? MEASURE N - CITY OF … Voting YES on L also sends the strong message that Oceansiders prefer farming communities over estate homes built for the rich on sprawling 2½-acre lots. City of Oceanside - Measure L Shall Ordinance No. Vote No North River Sprawl. OCEANSIDE (KUSI) – The November ballot Measure L would pave the way for North River Farms, San Diego County’s first farming community in …. What Yes on Measure L means for Oceanside. If approved by Oceanside voters this November, Measure L will: Home; About Us; Contact Us; Our Team Our History Our History. Our amazing team is committed to protecting the environment and safeguarding our community. The defeat on Tuesday of Oceanside’s Measure L, the plan for a mixed-use development with up to 585 homes, follows a trend of ballot box failures in San Diego County. After conducting a public hearing on November 6, 2019, the City Council approved the North River Farms project, proposed for the South Morro Hills community in northeastern Oceanside. Designed by locals, for locals, more than half of the 268-acre site is farmland and open space. MEASURE K - CITY OF OCEANSIDE Establishing Term Limits. Together we can. About Measure L. A YES vote for Measure L is a vote for North River Farms, San Diego County’s first farming community. Developer Integral Communities has so far dumped $1.4 million on TV ads and other promotions to convince locals that a Yes on Measure L will turn Oceanside into a … MEASURE L - CITY OF OCEANSIDE North River Farms Referendum. Donate Here. Measure L asks voters to uphold or repeal the Oceanside City Council's adoption of an ordinance amending the zoning of property for the North River Farms project. Together we can. In a few weeks, voters in the region’s most populous city will decide the fate of North River Farms, a 585-home, agriculture-themed, mixed use development proposed for the rural neighborhood of Morro Hills. Poway residents have approved Measure P while Oceanside residents have rejected Measure L. Measure L would have created the North River … Together we can. No on Oceanside Measure L No on Oceanside Measure L No on Oceanside Measure L. Together we can. Read More MEASURE M - CITY OF OCEANSIDE Cannabis Business Tax. One of the most contentious ballot measures in North County this election is undoubtedly Measure L in Oceanside.

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